How to restore to Original Settings on a laptop

You can restore your laptop to original setting through the following instructions:

To restore the laptop into its original setting you need a Recovery Disk which comes with the laptop:

- Place the Recovery CD in your CD-Rom.
- Restart your laptop. It will auto detect the CD.
- Your laptop will ask you "press any key to continue..."
- Press the keyboard key according to your laptop's model that brings up the recovery menu. Most common keys for the recovery menu are "F2," "F8," or "Ctrl" and "F11".
- Select a language from menu at the top of the screen and click on "Next" button.
- Select the field "PC Restore," or "Repair Your Computer" . Then click on "Next" button.
- Then check on at "Restore" and then click "Enter". This will start the process of restoring the laptop.
- Once the restoring process has been completed, click on "Restart" button.

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