Replacing keyboard on Acer Aspire 6530 Laptop

Removing the Switch Cover:

It is recommended that only fingers are used to remove the Switch Cover.
1. Remove the battery.
2. Place the computer on a clean dry surface.
3. Locate and remove the ten securing screws on the bottom of the computer.

4. Turn the computer over and open the LCD module to expose the Switch Cover.
The LCD module does not fully extend. Damage will occur if you attempt to extend the LCD module beyond the manufacturer’s design.
5. Lift the Switch Cover as shown, and place over the keyboard. Do not remove at this point. FFC cables are still attached on the underside.

Removing the Keyboard:
1. Lift and turn the keyboard over (as shown) to expose the FFC.
2. Unlock the connector and pull the FFC to remove.

3. Remove the keyboard from the chassis.

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